Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Cat Miracle Trajedy

After battling rodents with a live trap, toxic gas, and a pest control company, we decided we'd better get a cat to deter the little brutes from coming back.  We went to a local animal shelter and adopted their only outdoor cat:

Her name was Peaches, but after a lively debate, 'Dragon,' 'Cringer,' and 'Battle Cat' were outvoted and she was rechristened Ginger.  Here's how Anne felt about bringing her home:

We decided we'd keep her confined to the back porch for five days so she'd accept this as her new home. 

On the morning of Day 3, after the big kids had gone to school, Julia and I took the cat into the back yard to get her used to it.  Before I knew it, Ginger had run away.  I was horrified and spent the whole day praying for her return.  When the kids got home and I confessed, they were heartbroken.  I told them Heavenly Father had sent ravens to feed Elijah and seagulls to save the Mormon Pioneers' crops, so he could send Ginger back to us.  If you had seen Anne, tears falling down her face, drop to her knees on the back porch and pray silently for that cat, your heart would have melted. 

You can imagine our delight when a few hours later, just before the kids went to bed, Anne discovered the cat back on the porch!  We were so thrilled and thankful.

Then morning came and I figured Ginger had probably come back because the 3 days on our porch had taught her this was her home.  She clearly wanted back out, so instead of starting her '5 Days on the Porch' therapy over, I opened the porch door so she could leave when she was done eating.

Long story short: she's gone, the kids are very sad, and I feel like an idiot.  I can't leave food out for her anymore because it's attracting racoons. 

Jake says she would have run away regardless, but thanks to how casually I treated an answer to our prayers, we'll never know.

I will never take credit for a miracle ever again.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Here's something from a dear and talented friend as we remember the most important event in Earth's history:

Cleave Unto the Lord

By Marcia Clegg Henderson

I am thy Shepherd.
I will lead thee unto green pastures
  beside still waters.
Follow me.
How could we ever turn away from such an One?
Who gathereth His children to feed and give them rest.

I am thy Comfort.
I will succor and I will heal thee
  in thine anguish.
How could we ever turn away from such an One?
He Who pleads to spare us before the throne of God.

I am thy Savior.
I have borne for thee thy sorrows
  and thy transgressions.
Believe on me.
How could we ever turn away from such an One?
In Him is our Salvation and Everlasting Life.

Let us cleave unto Him, love and adore Him,
  worship before Him.
Cleave, cleave unto the Lord.  Cleave unto the Lord
Cleave unto the Lord.

Copyright © 1989, 2015 by Marcia Clegg Henderson.   All rights reserved.
This text may be copied for incidental, noncommercial church or home use.
This notice must be included on each copy made.