Friday, September 21, 2012


Well, at least Damon is making progress appearing normal consistently in photos.  He looks like he's tipping over, but I think we can blame that on the photographer.

So, here's the first day of school.  Damon, 4th grade, Mrs. Maker.  Anne, full-day kindergarten, Mrs. Housman-Schmitzer, Claire, 1st grade, Mrs. Rainier.

And how am I doing with 7.5 WHOLE HOURS to do whatever I want without interruption?  Pretty well.  We're wrapping up our 2nd full week of school, and I'm learning to manage my expectations.  I thought I'd have the whole basement painted by now, but I'm only 1/3 done--some projects take a lot of time even when no kids are around.  Plus, dishes, laundry, and grocery shopping are still my constant companions, along with spying on Claire to see how she's doing (OK, but there's room for improvement) and making dinner (still eating a lot of sandwiches...I was hoping to have evolved farther by now).