Tuesday, August 19, 2014

1st Day of School

After their first day.  Claire was distracted by Wild Kratts and couldn't give me a good smile, darn it.  We're still in corporate housing, and will be for another two weeks.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Before the movers pack up the computer... Wait--gotta relay the comment one of the packers just made.

Me: Do you need to pack up the computer now?

Him: No, we'll do that very last.  And we'll box up the kids last, too.  Don't worry.  We poke holes in the top.

Claire: They're going to put us in boxes?!

Me: No.

Packer: No, we usually use plastic bags for that.

Uh?!  Eeek!  Who is packing us up?!  Get me out of here!  And not in a plastic bag, please.

Anyway, we're moving to Kansas.  This job opportunity was sprung on us pretty quickly, and we've had to rush to get the house sold, a new house found, and blah blah blah so the kids can start school on time NEXT WEEK in Kansas.  Kansas City area.  It's pretty nice.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Hot and humid right now, though.

So we're bidding farewell to our wonderful ward (will I ever love another ward like this one?  Probably not.  It's like the ward I grew up in.  Actually, it's not at all, except that it's just as dear to my heart.) and our wonderful neighbors and Michigan. 

And the geckos.  Two of whom are buried in the backyard.  I accidentally killed them.  I'll blog about that later.  My time is up.  Call me on my cell if you need me.