Monday, October 17, 2011


Here are the kids after their first few weeks in school. Some parents take pictures the first day of school, and some wait until they can find the camera batteries, they remember, and their kids are all wearing something presentable.


Our first visitors were my high school physics/algebra/pre-cal teacher and his wife. They are retired, were making a cross-country trip, and were kind enough to stop by. I wish I'd gotten a picture of them. If you know Virginia, you could get some pictures of us and the way we live from her. When they arrived, I was picking the kids up from school. I'd told them earlier on the phone to just come in--I'd leave the door unlocked. So, while I was gone, Byron and Virginia came in and Viriginia took pictures of the house for my mom. Sadly, the house was in it's natural state, namely, a disaster area. I'd decided to make a cake for their visit rather than clean the house. You can't do everything, people. And Claire's program has worn away my sense of shame, with tutors coming and going 4-6 days a week. In the beginning I tried hard to make them (the tutors, I mean) believe I kept an immaculate house. That lasted less than a week. It was too exhausting. If you have 3+ kids and know how to keep a clean, tidy house, make meals, do laundry, shower daily, and get 7-8 hours of sleep a night, please let me know how you do it. I'd really like to know. Whoa, tangent. Anyway, in spite of the house, we had a really nice visit. Maybe clean houses are over-rated. Enough with the house!! I thought my sense of shame was gone, but maybe it's not. Back to the visit--Byron and Virginia are so sweet, and interesting! Did you know Virginia was Homecoming Queen in college her junior year? And Byron is mapping pioneer trails in Idaho, along with collecting antique looms and making tapestries! They should have a blog. Oh, and my cake was really good. Thank you, Food Nanny.

Two days ago my cousin Clayton, his wife Marianne, daughter Eleanor and son Winston dropped by--they live in the middle of the mitten, I think. We're more at the bottom left corner. That's Michigan-speak, folks, if you don't follow. See, I did get some pictures them.

Is it me, or are all the cutest kids in the world my relatives? Sorry, people who aren't in my family. Too bad Winston was asleep by the time I got the camera out. He's like his sister-- sweet and full of smiles. I thought Clayton and Marianne were all right, too, until they thumped me and Jake in pool. (Have I mentioned our house came with a pool table?!) I'm not sure if they're welcome here anymore. Kidding! You guys are always welcome. As long you lose next time.